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LF 8000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 24V to AC 220V/230V/240V, with Battery Charger Function

With Battery Charger function & UPS function & ATS function (Battery& Battery cable not included)
Item Code: 8KW-LF-PSW-24V/240V
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New Version: 

This is our newest version power inverter, here are the functions on the small 3 buttons below the switch:
1. Hz Selection (50Hz, 60Hz, automatic selection)
Hold down the button for 2 seconds, the machine prompts Hz has been switched, release the button,  after 2 seconds, if hear 2 beeping sounds, then the frequency selection was successful.

2. DC alarm voltage adjustment (±0.5V)
Adjust counterclockwise to reduce DC alarm voltage
Adjust clockwise to raise DC alarm voltage

3. AC output voltage adjustment (210V-240V)
Adjust counterclockwise to decrease AC output voltage
Turn clockwise to raise the AC output voltage

What's the different between high frequency and low frequency?
High frequency power inverter have limit for running appliances with motors, engines, special light and TV
Low frequency power inverter available for sensitive load, accept generator’s energy output, high power factor, and follow our warning label, it would not have any problems.

Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity !
Simply connect our with a 24v Battery.
For example as in a Car, Motorcycle, Camper or Boat and use 220v-240v electrical appliances.
Possible Uses:
Computer, Latop, Monitors, Fax Devices, Scanner
Entertainment Electronics:
TV, DVD-Player, Play Consoles, Hi-Fi-Systems, Music Instruments, Satellite Decoder
Household Appliances:
100w Fans, Electric Shaver, etc...
Kitchen Devices:
Toaster etc...
Electrical Tools:
Drill, etc...
Heavy load appliances can connect together ,but make sure not over the max. watts of the inverter you buy.

Warning label

warning label



Brand           Power Jack
Item no.     LFPSW-8000-24-220
Continuous Output Power   8000W
Surge Output Power 32000W
DC Input Voltage 24V
AC Output Voltage 220V-240V
Regulation ±5%
Frequency 50HZ±3%
Efficiency 90%
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Temperature Protection 70C
Input Low Voltage Alarm 21V
Input Low Voltage shutdown 20V
Input High Voltage Alarm 28V
Input High Voltage shutdown >29V
Warranty 1 year
Certificate CE
Components Made in Taiwan
Design     Taiwan    








This item will send from EU warehouse, No tax to UK & EU.
(Do not ship to Island address.)



Warranty :

Please check the carton and product after you receive the good, if something damaged during transportation by Express Company, let us know immediately, then take photos of the carton and product first(including the shipping label that shows the tracking number on it), then send the photos to us, and also test the product to see it works or not ,any problem pls contact us asap so that you can cover the corresponding warranty. 

Return / Replacement : 

Within 14 days(based on the delivery data) :

Repair fee all free. Buyer return the inside board with the cheapest postage, we'll cover for the return postage and resend a whole replacement by our charge. Or we can send parts for repair if you have experience on electronic.

After 14 days to 6 months(based on the purchase data)

1. Free repair, buyer need pay for return postage for send back.

2. For replacement: buyer need pay for postage for send back the original item and pay postage for resend replacement .

After 6 months to 1 year (based on the purchase data)

1. Free repair, buyer pay for return postage and resend postage.

2. For replacement :

If send back the original item back to us, 50% original cost can get a new one, buyer responsible for return postage.

If do not send back the original item to us, 85% original cost can get a new one.

After 1 year(based on the purchase data)

Buyer pay for return postage and resend postage and repair charge.

Refund : 

Within 45 days(based on the delivery data)

Product fault: Full refund, buyer responsible for return the item back for full refund

Product good: Refund product cost, buyer responsible for return the item back and freight for original sent out

After 45 days - 2 months

Product fault: refund product cost, buyer responsible for return the item back and other cost 20%

Product good: refund product cost, buyer responsible for return the item back and other cost 20% and freight for original sent out

After 2 months : No refund

Note:  If the product is damaged by yourself or is inappropriately used, exists no warranty!



Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByRoger Plant
  • Sep 04, 2021
My 24 volt LF 8000 has been running faultlessly for a year now, running my entire house.
An excellent inverter.
I used it to upgrade from an LF 4000 which also ran perfectly.
The upgrade was required as the LF 4000 would trip occasionally when a heavy load started up and the inverter was already producing 1Kw or more.
The LF 8000 has not tripped since it was started a year ago. It runs everything including a fridge, freezer, 1.8Kw washing machine (including heating its water),TV system, CCTV and all my household gadgets.
It is the perfect inverter for my solar system and I am very pleased with it.

  • ByGéza Hende
  • Sep 17, 2020
Dear Seller,
Thank you for the fast delivery. I would like to ask how can I raise the DC lower cut-off voltage from 20V to 22V? The answer is thank you in advance.