By Sunny Chen | 29 March 2017 | 4 Comments

Qingshan trail is located within Yang Ming Shen National Park and it’s the second biggest waterfall in Yang Ming Shen. It is most suitable for the "first timers" because It neither takes too many efforts nor dangerous to embark on the first-half of the trail. In fact, if you keep walking uphill for a minute, you’ll find the easy stone road curved along a water trench shaded by the leaves of the forest. Accompanied by birds chirping, you can occasionally overlook the blue sea along the way. It’s also a good place to observe natural ecology. A survey found that there are about 77 species of ferns along the trail. It only takes 30 minutes to reach the Qingshan waterfall, where most people stop here and enjoy the magnificent waterfall view and go back down the same path. In summer, a lot of people put on their swimming suits and jump into the water to enjoy the icy cold water under the waterfall, but I usually continue on the hike after taking in the waterfall view. The remaining circle of the trail is called Jianshan Lake Trail. It’s the harder part of the trail. You may have to hang on to the rope erected by the side of the trail and it is endless stone stairs all the way to the top. The view overlooking the ocean and the mountain is fantastic and once you finish the hike, A large rice terraced field view will take your breath away.  


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